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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 17th – Pink Tipped Succulent

Yay for free wallpapers =). This week we have a beautiful cactus on a black background. Continue to download!

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Packing for Fun in the Sun – Part 2: For Guys

You’re going tropical on your next vacation and you’re not sure what to bring? Here’e a good place to start. Our caribbean packing list, for dudes.

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The World of Mushrooms – Photo Essay

Welcome to the world of mushrooms. After most rainy or humid days if you take a quick walk through nature you are bound to see mushrooms popping up. Follow this photo essay to see the species from around the world.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 10th – Detailed Leaf Skeleton on Black

After clip jumping and zip lining on a recent trip to Laguna Dudu (also known as Blue Lagoon), I took out my camera to capture some of the beauty that this area has to offer.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – July 3rd – Light Painting With the Circus

Here in Cabarete there is a local circus school called Kaiceitos Circus. They teach all ages and have everything circus related you can think of. From trapeze, to the silks and fire shows. A couple of weeks ago they had a free public show and the final event was a beautiful display of fire dancing.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 26th – Tropical Purple Sunset

Riding home from an amazing afternoon surf session I look to my right to see the sky infused with purple and orange. It took a couple of seconds for the beauty to sink in before I turned my moto around to catch another look and snap some pictures.

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Challenge Yourself to a Photo Project

Regardless of if you’re a new or old photography there are times where we get creative blocks. Some photographers loose inspiration and others simply don’t know what to take pictures of. One thing that I have found helps a lot are…

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 19th – Flamboyant Canopy

Now officially moved to Wednesdays welcome back to our Photo of the Week! This shot was snapped on our latest trip to the capital Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We woke up with the sunrise and walked down a nice park which was lined with Flamboyant trees.

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A Trip Back in Time – Fortaleza Ozama

A blast to the 1500’s when Fortaleza Ozama was first built. A historic site found in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 10th – Veins

A day late again =X, but here is our weekly free wallpaper and photo of the week. This is a picture of a Papaya leaf from below. We went for a nice walk down, El Parque Mirador Sur, which is a park in the capital where the street is closed off for pedestrian use during the weekend. We got a bunch of great photos and found a good place for a walk in the city.

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Just Keep Swimming – National Aquarium Review

We’ve made another trip to Santo Domingo to check on the progress of my Chilean passport. That only took a couple of hours so we needed some other things to do to keep us entertained. We ended up at the National Aquarium.

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Nooooo – I’m Loosing All of my Muscles!

Keeping in shape already requires a lot of work; when traveling t’s an entirely different story. Follow us for tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – June 3rd – Surface Tension

The ocean truly is beautiful. If you’ve ever stared and watched the waves you know what I’m talking about. For this weeks Photo of the Week we have some surface tension caught in action. Look closely and you will see a couple of bubbles that the splash has formed.

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Los Tres Ojos – Stunning Caves in Santo Domingo

Cities don’t tend to offer too much along the lines of nature but Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is different. There are a number of beautiful places to visit. One of them being the “Tres Ojos Caves”. Crystal clear water, beautiful rock formations and free massage from by the fishies.

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, to get or not to get, that is the question. Here are some questions you should ask yourself about the way you will be traveling that should help you in making your decision.

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Wallpaper Wednesday – May 27th – Little Red

It’s Monday again and that means another Photo of the Week. On one of our recent visits to the local organic garden I decided to bring my camera. They don’t use any pesticides so bugs roam freely and happily. I saw a little lady bug on one of the plants and got down to his level. It’s amazing how different the perspective is of something so small.

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How I Managed to Get Kicked Out of China

Some countries are very strict when it comes to Visas. Make sure everything is in order or you might end up in a room with four police officers discussing what to do with you in Chinese and end up with a choice to make that doesn’t end well either way.

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Photo of the Week — May 20th

This photo of the week was taken the day before we took our day trip to the permaculture farm. We stopped by a local hotel, which also has a mini permaculture farm going on, where I stumbled upon a pile of recently trimmed banana leaves on the floor. It had been raining all night so there where some nice water droplets to complete the picture.

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Decisions Decisions – Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing new gear can be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s costly, and needs to last through all the conditions your traveling lifestyle will be exposing it to. So how do you go about choosing the perfect camera set up for your traveling needs? Don’t worry, we’ve done some research that should get you started in the right direction.

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