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Stunning Scenery of the California Coastal Highway

It’s famous and there’s plenty reason why.

Route one, the coastal highway in California, is simply stunning. The light, the coastline, the rolling hills. words just can’t do it justice and so we’ve put together a photo essay of some of our favorite shots from our drive down the coast of California.


The rock formations are incredible and we took forever to make it down this stretch of road, partially because BigBlu [our westy] doesn’t go up hills very fast, but mostly because our jaws were dropped lower than Roger Rabbit’s when he spots Jessica.

I mean seriously, even in bad weather it’s gorgeous!


Case and point.

The light reflecting off the ocean in the west means an extended golden hour every day of the year, but especially with the low winter sun.

So we’ll quit boring you with words and let your eyes take in the magnificence.

CaliCoastspaces-3 CaliCoastspaces-6




If you do head down the one, be sure to stop by a little place called glass beach. One of the only fortunate trash stories we know about where poor garbage disposal (and the help of future clean up efforts) led to an entire beach full of sea glass.

If you do visit, please do us a favor and leave the glass there. It seems like a lot, but if everyone takes a bit home, soon there won’t be any left. So think of the future generations and leave them a piece of gorgeous trash.

If you don’t #ganstaseagull will find you, he knows where you sleep. (and more importantly, where you parked your freshly washed car)




The coastal highway isn’t only gorgeous in the day time, by the way. Stay for a night (or a million) in one of the many coastal campgrounds for a peaceful night under the twinkling stars and the relaxing sounds of perfect swell.




  1. Stunning images. My favourite thing to do when I’m there is to take a coastal drive! Now all I need is to be able to take stunning pictures like you do and I will be set!

  2. There is beauty all around you if only you take the time to see it. This may look like an ordinary scene in the highway but if you get off and breathe in the air to appreciate it, it becomes special.

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