Stunning Mountain Peaks of the Rockies

3 January, 2015

The Rocky mountains span over 3,000 miles and in the week we were there, we only explored a few hundred of those miles. If you spent every day of the year exploring the Rockies you would still be far from seeing it all. While some of the peaks are easily accessible, still a lot more would require grand excursions just to get a glance.

Our main artery of exploration was the Ice Field Parkway which spans over 140 miles. With this one road alone we could have spent months checking out different hikes, mountain peaks, glaciers, wildlife and more.

If you think that a mountain is a mountain, and they all relatively look the same, we can’t be friends ;) Just kidding. Still though, every peak has its own unique qualities. Some are pyramid shaped, some have layers, others are rectangular. The variety of peaks is incredible.

It’s going to be interesting going to different mountain chains and observing the different kinds of peaks they flaunt. Also, I’m sure some of these mountain tops would look completely different in the middle of Summer.

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  1. Comment by Lauren

    Lauren Reply 9 February, 2015 at 18:06

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your trip. You are definitely right about the variation of mountain peaks – they are all so unique!

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