We All Know What Happens at ‘Lovers Point’ – Photo Essay

On our way down the coast of California, we passed by many beautiful overlooks.
After a while, I started realizing that, although some of the marked viewpoints are stunning, there’s a lot that’s even more phenomenal which isn’t marked.
This is great because it directs certain traffic one way and allows for views left unexplored.

After a long day we decided to drive South a bit more to make some time. We found a perfect little spot that was absent of the “No Overnight Parking” sign so we pulled over and caught some Z’s.

The next morning we woke up and happened to be right up the street from a beautiful place called Lovers Point; I wonder what happens there at night =X.

For a place to be called Lovers Point, I feel like there has to be enchanting. Something about the place has to woo and sway so the magic can happen, and this place doesn’t disappoint.
Watching the sunrise from here was spectacular. The seagulls fluttering about the sky, the pelicans grooming themselves, the gorgeous blue water splashing, the ancient rocks towering, it all comes together to create babies, I mean… a nice landscape.






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