Incoming Tide at a River Delta – Timelapse

Hello again timelapse lovers! Not all timelapses are created equal and this one sits high in my list of favorites. Are you ready?

We had the opportunity to spend a week up at a friend’s place in the outskirts of Ensenada, Mexico. Being away from everything and immersed in  nature sounded awesome, so we jumped on the offer. During our stay we noticed that from the top of the hill we were witnesses to a uniquely stunning view of a huge river delta. Every day, we would see the tide at its lowest as well as at its highest. Thinking it would be awesome to get a timelapse of the shifting of the tide I set up my camera and let it take pictures for the next five to six hours.

The results? An almost fallen camera due to an unexpected wind gust AND an awesome timelapse. Towards the end watch as the tide shifts. Enjoy!!

Incoming Tide Timelapse

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