A Sprawling Mexican City – Timelapse

The great thing about actually going out and traveling is that you come across new reasons that make you happy to have made the decision of exploring the world.

For me, in the beginning, traveling was all about going to remote locations and getting lost in nature. Along the way though, I’ve found that there are many other things that bring great joy to me and one of those is meeting interesting people.

We were welcomed in Ensenada with open arms and even taken in to spend a few nights at the top of a hill that overlooks the city. The first couple of days the sky closed and wept. After the rain brought life to the land, the sun came out and lit the entire city below in the valley. Seeing the valley-sprawl, with houses and traffic, really gave me a scale to this Mexican city.

Since I love timelapses I got as high as I possibly could and shot over an hour of passing time. Here are the results, enjoy!

A Sprawling Mexican City – Timelapse


What’s your favorite part about traveling?
Did you have any new realizations once you hit the road?

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