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What Makes These Attractive Sandals Perfect for Travel

thanks BuzzFeed for the ugly crocs image above

NO! No. no.

NOT those.

Please, leave the clog-like crocs at home, we’ve come a long way since they were invented.


HOWEVER, I’m here to tell you the prefect travel shoe is actually a Croc!

Now Crocs makes these:

crocs sexi flip, perfect for travel, night on the town, day at the beach, beach, beach bum, great, travel wardrobe,
image from Crocs Presskit

What a breath of fresh air! Don’t you think?!

I thought so, so I got myself a pair and take my word for it, these are the PERFECT travel companions.

I’m here to tell you why these are the ONLY sandals you’ll need to pack.

(Crocs isn’t paying me for this, this is my humble opinion. If I influence you to buy these shoes, please consider doing so through the links on this post)

Perfect Travel Sandal

Easy to pack

First let’s talk about their weight and size, or lack thereof.

My feet aren’t tiny at a size 9 (usually an 8 1/2 I had to go up half a size for these) but still, they pack flat and you won’t notice they’re in your bag whether you’re toting a beach bag or lugging your whole life on your back.

They’re so quick-dry you can rinse them off with some water and leave them in the sun for a few minutes and they’ll be like new; you won’t even need a special compartment for them.


It’s like I’m not even wearing sandals.

I’ve seen girls complain about the fact that they aren’t tight around the ankle but, well, I have no qualms with that.

They stretch over your heel to keep the shoe in place, which means you don’t have to do that stupid annoying toe-curl to keep your flip-flops on when you’re walking, much better for you.

As mentioned above, they’re super light, which means you can barely feel them.
They do their job: protect your feet from the elements.

Crocs boasts some foot massaging action… Massage shmassage. Who cares, they’ll take you around any city all day without the shin splints you’d get with regular sandals.


I’m not the kind to treat my stuff lightly. My aunt quit gifting me dresses when I was a kid because I’d ruin them within 5 minutes of wearing them.

The fact that I’ve worn these shoes for as long as I have and they still look, not only presentable, but almost new, with a quick rinse is a touch short of miraculous.


The biggest qualm for us fashion-forward traveling ladies though is that no-one has yet invented a shoe that goes from flat to heel.

Alas I’m not here to tell you these are it. (I wish)

These do the next best thing though, they dress up or down super easily, and though they won’t give you those extra inches or flip your posture the way heels do, they will fit in at whatever event you’re attending.

You can literally take your shoes from day to night with no work at all, you don’t even have to take them off to slip on that maxi skirt over your bathing suit.

crocs sexi flip, perfect for travel, night on the town, day at the beach, beach, beach bum, great, travel wardrobe,

The long T-strap design gives you a sophisticated feel that won’t cut the line of your leg like most sandals, instead it will elongate it, making them a perfect addition to any classy lady’s outfit, wether that’s a bikini and a cover up or a super cute little dress.

I got mine in Espresso because that’s a neutral color that fits most of my outfits, but they make them in all kinds of wild shades.

So far I’ve worn them on the beach, to explore city street,  and even on short hikes. It’s been too cold most of our trip, but I can’t wait to pull them out on a night out, I have the the outfit for them.

The Bad, Kind of?

The only thing I DON’T like about them is that if i wear them too long my feet start sweating in them. But, really, that’s just a reminder that I need to get grounded, take them off and walk barefoot a bit while they dry.

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