A Day in the Life of a Wetsuit

Coldwater surfing is a love/hate relationship, and we’re not sure that we fall on the love side of the fence.

We are sure, however, that we’re in love with surfing, and that NOTHING will get in the way of us getting in the water when it calls.

So our first time in the cold cold waters of Tofino, we got acquainted with wetsuits for the (almost) first time ever. Gloves, booties, hood, and all.

It was a tough adjustment and we felt like pure beginners, not to mention the sheer insanity that is getting up early in the morning to go submerge yourself into water when there is frost on the ground.

We found the surfer/wetsuit relationship to be so comical (it’s better to laugh than to cry, right?!) that our whole trip to Tofino pretty much revolved around just that.
And from the experience came this amusing little video that we hope you’ll enjoy.

For this video we’d like to send a special shout out and thank you to Pacific Surf Co. who hooked us up with all the gear we needed at a very reasonable cost, and to Shelter Restaurant, who accommodated our shenanigans in style.

Surfing Tofino in a Wetsuit :

if you’re on mobile click this link.

We’d like to add that Tofino is an amazing town that one could definitely get stuck in for a while. If you’re into surf, or in the Pacific Northwest, or both, do most definitely make this a destination.


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