Minute Escapes: Tiny Among Eternal Giants

Close your eyes for five minutes and escape your reality to be transposed to a completely different place, with a completely different pace. It’s a five minute getaway.

Tiny Among Eternal Giants

Walking along the windy paths of the Redwood Forest of California, at the heels of the giant Sequoias, what surprised us most was how quiet it was.
The soft sequoia needles blanket the forest floor in a thick layer of red carpet. As soon as I walked into the forest I knew I wanted to take a sound sample to share with you guys, but how do you record silence?

There was, however, a small whisper that grew into a rumble as we approached it. A lazy brook snaked among the immortal forest, apparently the only thing in a whole forest moving at the pace of mere mortals such as us. As it flowed it seemed to converse with the trees, speaking thousand year old secrets to each other in a language we’ve yet to understand.

The ground below you is soft and muffles your every step. The trees above you tower as high as skyscrapers. The midday sun tries to penetrate the canopy, almost in vain. Silence is the void that connects you to the time these giants were just infants.

(First go pee) Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.


Come back every other Monday for another, completely different, Minute Escape.


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