Minute Escapes: Oasis Sunrise

Close your eyes for five minutes and escape your reality to be transposed to a completely different place, with a completely different pace. It’s a five minute getaway.

Oasis Sunrise

Driving through Baja two things will become very obvious, very quickly. One: The desert never ceases. Two: The desert never ceases to change.It’s flabbergasting, actually, how different the landscape can be, hour to hour, while still being… well… desert!

After days and days of it, I started to wonder how much more of it I could really handle.

That’s when we pulled up to San Ignacio, which, as it turns out, just happens to be an oasis town.

How exotic! I’d never seen a real-life oasis before, let alone one large enough to comfortably sustain a town, providing it with ample water, and, something we missed even more: Shade!

With shade and water, entire ecosystems develop abundantly. I could barely believe my eyes when we rolled up to this lake and its lush palm shores. Ducks frolicked happily in its waters.

Sunrise brought on a cacophony of life and it was hard to be sure any of it really existed. Maybe it was all a mirage.

Imagine arid, thorny, hot, and dusty desert for miles and miles. You’re in the middle of it, in a space occupying no more that the surface area of central park, a water source has broken the surface of the land and a river flows. Palms grow tall around you and wildlife occupies every possible nook.

The sun is just breaking over the horizon, as the river continues to flow. If it were to stop, all life here would perish. It’s all a test of time. A mirage in the sands of eternity.

Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.

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