Minute Escapes: Swarm of Bees

Close your eyes for five minutes and escape your reality to be transposed to a completely different place, with a completely different pace. It’s a five-minute getaway.

We thought we felt bit claustrophobic in the Pacific Northwest, unable to spend much time away from the van because of the cold, and forced to keep everything closed because of the rain.

Careful what you wish for! In Bahia de Los Angeles, in Baja, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, nothing would warn us of what was to come. We pulled up one evening and found a lovely camping spot right on the beach amidst the peaks popping out of the bay and settle to sleep to the sound of abundant marine life.
We woke up to the buzzing sound of bees swarming our van.

Bees Swarming

In this arid landscape, they were attracted to the water draining from our sink. They were EVERYWHERE, slowly coming through BigBlue’s every open orifice.

We hurried to close up any hole we found and sealed the van hermetically.

Imagine, you are in paradise. The wild outdoors are calling you to come walk its earth and bathe in its waters…. if only you could first escape its buzzing test of mental strength and blow the barricade of thirsty flying soldiers. Until you do, the sun is getting hotter, and you’re starting to bake inside your sealed van. (hey, no one said these would all be relaxing!)

Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.

Come back every other Monday for another, completely different, Minute Escape.

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