Minute Escapes: Meanwhile, Somewhere in the DR

Close your eyes for five minutes and escape your reality to be transposed to a completely different place, with a completely different pace. It’s a five minute getaway.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the DR…

Life just continues as it does day in and day out. The birds chirp, the cicadas sing, the dogs bark, the guaguas pass by, selling whatever they sell, the chickens squawk through their daily routine, and motos go about their errands. It’s a slower pace of life.

The heat has you lulled to a gear below your usual pace, you sit below the shade of a large tree. Maybe you’re reading a book, maybe you’re just watching a hen as it teaches its chicks to rummage for food in the leaves. The world around you bustles, as it does in the “campo” of the Dominican Republic.

Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.


Come back every other Monday for another, completely different, Minute Escape.

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