Minute Escapes: Into the Mangrove Mystery

Close your eyes for five minutes and escape your reality to be transposed to a completely different place, with a completely different pace. It’s a five minute getaway.

Mangrove Mystery

We had so many adventures in the Dominican Republic it’s hard to pick a favorite, but as far as soundscapes go, few compared to our early morning kayak expedition through the Mangroves of Los Haitises National Park.

Especially during high season, the calm waters that weave through the gnarly roots of the mangrove trees can quickly get very full of tourist and motor tour boats. To avoid the crowds and birdwatch before the birds were disturbed by all the motors, we got out there as bright and early as we could, and paddled through the snaking river as quietly as our oars would let us.

Gliding on glassy waters, early morning sunlight peering through the mysterious tangles of mangrove, just you and the wildlife. That’s this week’s Minute Escape.

Put on your headphones. Close your eyes. Press play.


[we apologize for the wind noise in this clip, its one of our first recordings, we were still learning :P ]

Come back every other Monday for another, completely different, Minute Escape.


  1. I saw some mangroves before in the Philippines and it was beautiful. I agree about that mysterious feeling but what is even more amazing is how these mangroves is able to support the life around the river.

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