Orient Yourself

Once the soul-searching is well underway and we’re more in tune with ourselves, a path will start to materialize in front of our eyes.

It might start out so focused, and at first we might not understand quite where it’s leading us, but it’s a path nonetheless. Follow it.

You cannot go wrong when you follow your true passions and intentions. When you do what you love, and you love what you do, the obstacles we had been dealing with start to disappear one by one.

In this stage we’ll want to say YES a lot. Not completely arbitrarily. We’ll want to say YES to all of the things that sound fun, exciting, invigorating, and new. We’ll want to say YES to everything that our heart gets excited about, truly excited about, and say NO very firmly to all the things we know truly deep inside are keeping us for accomplishing those things we truly want.

If you’ve been wanting to go learn to rock climb but can’t get out of bed early enough on the weekend for the beginner’s class because you went out with the gals last night and your head feels like a pile of stones, this is the time to say YES to rock climbing and NO to another night out on the town. Your friends might not understand, your spouse might object, your parents might not approve. Do not neglect your responsibilities (especially as a parent) but make time for the activities that will help you flourish. Those who make a fuss about you changing and try to hold you back should be reminded that if they love you they should make an effort.

Redefining yourself will create rifts, some will be easier than others, some will be clearly unacceptable. Fight for relations you hold dear and of utmost esteem. Do your best to take your loved ones on the path with you without changing theirs, but understand also, that in this stage, you might have to walk away.

Often we will find some decisions extremely difficult to make. In this instance I’d like to pass on a trick that my acupuncturist taught me. Narrow down your indecision to two options. Let’s call them, very imaginatively, A and B. Once you’ve narrowed things down to Option A and Option B, sit in front of a mirror. Look at yourself in the face and ask yourself what you’d like to do next, or what’s more important to you. Say “I’d like to Option A most” and look at the changes in your face while you do so. Immerse yourself in that decision. Imagine the way your life would change if you took that path. Imagine all the pros and cons while you observe your face. Then do the same with Option B.

You cannot lie to yourself. There are involuntary muscles in your face that only move with true emotions. Look for them. They are a window to your heart’s true desires.


    1. Corinne, I feel like this is when you read our blogs!! Hahaha. You are NOT a rat, that’s just not possible. However, it’s also totally OK to be happy in your routine. Some people absolutely love the 9-5 life and I’m by no means trying to shame or change them (I’m actually kind of jealous) This post is not for those people. They should go about their lives as they already do and keep loving it!!!

      This is for those people who are not satisfied.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, as usual.
      Jade Adele recently posted…From Paradise to the ‘Land of the Free’My Profile

  1. Jade, I remember when you read The Artist Way and I remember witnessing the impact it had on you. You’ve traveled a long way since. Keep embracing life, lady :)

    1. Gen, you were there for some of my worst times… that is for sure! I wouldn’t talk about it if I didn’t believe it. It was recommended to me by a friend and it took years for me to warm up to the idea, I’ve never even finished it, but it did have a tremendous impact on my life.

      Thanks for reading, as usual!

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