Stay Calm

Just the idea of changing your life right now might seem crazy, overwhelming, and unmanageable. At this point changing your course, for better or worst, might bring about a lot of anxiety, so it’s important to remember NOT to panic. Everything is going to be ok.

This is the time to regain trust in ourselves, and our intuition. It’s time to address the fact and acknowledge that we indeed need a change and let it take the front seat.

For me, the book The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo always manages to get me into that mindset. The story itself is short enough to read in a day and even easier to fit into your busy schedule as an audiobook. For me it isn’t anything about the story per-se, but it eases my anxieties and helps me remember that my search for personal fulfillment is valid.

It doesn’t matter what that is for you, it could be a movie, a friend’s words, a poem, a certain memory, anything. When you find that special something that puts you in the right head space to trust in yourself and your goals, bottle it up and keep it for later. You’ll need it. Come back to this every time you feel stuck. It will be your bridge back to the right path. Revisit it as needed and stay calm, everything is going to be ok.


    1. Corinne, I feel like this is when you read our blogs!! Hahaha. You are NOT a rat, that’s just not possible. However, it’s also totally OK to be happy in your routine. Some people absolutely love the 9-5 life and I’m by no means trying to shame or change them (I’m actually kind of jealous) This post is not for those people. They should go about their lives as they already do and keep loving it!!!

      This is for those people who are not satisfied.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, as usual.
      Jade Adele recently posted…From Paradise to the ‘Land of the Free’My Profile

  1. Jade, I remember when you read The Artist Way and I remember witnessing the impact it had on you. You’ve traveled a long way since. Keep embracing life, lady :)

    1. Gen, you were there for some of my worst times… that is for sure! I wouldn’t talk about it if I didn’t believe it. It was recommended to me by a friend and it took years for me to warm up to the idea, I’ve never even finished it, but it did have a tremendous impact on my life.

      Thanks for reading, as usual!

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