Stunning Local Talent Spotlight on Baja’s Colorful Culture

We had the wonderful pleasure of accidentally stumbling upon another Film Festival at the end of February.

If you’ve been following our adventures, you’ll know this is the second time this trip now!

This time we were surfing the Ensenada area when we were advised by some awesome guys to go check out the Save the Waves film festival.

For those of you not in the know, and we sure weren’t, Save the Waves is a coalition formed, in its own words, to protect and preserve the coastal environment with a focus on the surf zone, and we happened to be there for their focus on the local break, San Miguel.

Check out the trailer:


So we headed over to the very hip Kraken venue and met amazing people, local and foreign alike, who were all here to support and bond over something we’re all really passionate about: Caring for the environment, especially when related to surf and surf breaks.



But I digress.

While important, and although you should definitely go take a large long look at Save The Waves and what they do, the film festival is just the setting for the story I’d actually like to share with you today, that of the local photographer Jesús Salazar whom we had the pleasure of meeting while his work was on display and auction at the festival.

Jesus Salazar Photography

Jesús, whom was recently featured in the surf mag “Inertia,” blew us away with his very unique style which in our mind perfectly represented the feel of his native Baja California.

We’ll let him introduce himself:

My name Jesus Salazar, I am 28 years old and I am from Ensenada Baja California. I found a passion for photography two years ago and I have been surfing for 10 years. My work is a result of these two passions.

I have been developing a style capturing the interaction between nature and humans, documenting what strikes me and what moves me. These past two years I have devoted full time to freelance, documenting what happens around the WORLD SURFING RESERVE “TODOS SANTOS”, to give a voice and encourage the preservation and conservation of these places.


What touched us the most was his perfect use of color to express the spice of life in this very special part of the world.


To many who are just passing through Baja or who see it for the first time, the endless desert can seem like a dusty, dry, and unforgiving land, offering up little life.

It’s hot, and burnt, and it might be hard to see the life force that hides within it like the nectar within the prickly cacti


But water taunts the desert from all sides of the long peninsula, and Jesús has mastered the art of highlighting its vigor.

And bringing to light its subtle colors.



Of course, as a surfer, much of his work revolves around the sport and its culture.

But it doesn’t end there.

As a native, his photography finds identity portraying his homeland’s culture.

Don’t be shy, go check out his work and support local talent. Do your part in helping keep the local arts strong and alive !!

And Jesús, we love your work man, keep it up!

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