A New Look on Great Falls Park

I spent most of my life in Maryland, USA. For a majority of my time there I never really realized how much beauty there was in the area. All of the different parks, bike trails, and mountains have a lot to offer for the nature lover. It’s not until I came back as a tourist that I really appreciated the beauty in Maryland.

One of the places that is close to my house is the Great Falls. The Potomac river has a section with multiple waterfalls. They aren’t the biggest in the world but they are beautiful. My first visit, this time around, was with my brother from another mother. We hiked around for a bit then jumped off trail, followed the river upstream and snuck up on the wildlife to get some closer pictures.

Great Falls MD-2

Great Falls MD-1

While I was walking around I imagined how stunning this place would look during a sunrise, or sunset. So I planned out an early morning trip to catch the light of the park in the early morning. Before arriving I had a completely different image of what the Falls would look like. Instead of a big ball of fire rising, I was greeted with mist and clouds. At first I was a little disappointed, but as the sun started rising the light reflected off of all the mist and clouds casting a beautiful light over the scenery.

This is what I came back with:

Great Falls MD-5

Great Falls MD-4

Great Falls MD-6

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