Kitesurfing in Cabarete


There was a time when windsurfers ruled the land of Cabarete. Unfortunately, that time has passed. People have moved on to bigger and better easier things. I’m not knocking Kite Surfing, it’s just that that you can be up on a board, cruising, in less then a week, yes yes actually being a good kite surfer takes time and dedication =D. But this isn’t about that, you’re looking for a place to fill your adrenaline needs, where do you go? Cabarete, Dominican Republic of course!

Alas, you’ve made it to Cabarete, now what? Well, if you’re an experienced kite surfer you can pump up your gear and go have some fun. There are incredible waves on the reef and the ocean is vast. If you’re learning though, you’ll need to find yourself a school. The days of two lined, self teaching, disasters are long gone. At least in Cabarete. Try to learn by yourself on the beach and you’ll be approached multiple times until you either get your gear deflated or have some one with you that knows what they are doing.

Once in town there are plenty of schools to chose from. Some include, in no particular order:

Club Mistral – Facebook
GoKite – Facebook
Kite Club – Facebook

So now you know what you’re options are. Keep in mind that there will be locals offering to teach you how to kite for a cheaper price. Note that SOMETIMES these guys know more than SOME of the people that are actually certified, but that is rarely the case when it comes to teaching a beginner. Whether or not you chose to go with a single local selling his service or a school is up to you. If you’re worried about safety, insurance and being able to complain if you get crappy service, stick with the schools.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some kite surfing shots from the area.

kitesurfing in cabarete, kite, surf, kiting, water, ocean, nature,
In the zone!
kite surf cabarete-1-3
A kite race during a local competition
kite surf cabarete-1-2
The kites have eyes
kite surf cabarete-1
Speed Racer
kite surfing in cabarete, kites, kite littered sky, sky, colors
Can you spot the flying man?



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