Master of the Ocean – It Begins

Day one of masters:

Masters was graced with beautiful weather yesterday. A gorgeous sunrise led way to bright and shiny blue sky, nice waves for surf in the morning, and incredible wind in the afternoon.



A few things still had to be taken care of before the competition could proceed….

Preparations under way
Preparations under way


But after much anticipation…

the anticipation is just painful
the anticipation is just painful


Everything got under way.

Saturday, the heats comprised of competitors in the “overall” section, whom as individuals showed off their skills in all four sports.

We were treated to great performances from our riders right off the bat yesterday morning, starting with surf.

Michael making it rain
Michael making it rain

But the wind started picking up, and we moved on to the SUP heats, which did not disappoint!!

Zane  Schweitzer Impressed everyone with a full 360 on his SUP. Here are just a few photos of his performance:





But let’s not forget the other competitors, who also blew our socks off:


Audrey shredding on the SUP


After a quick lunch break, the competition proceeded with kiting, which is SUCH a spectator’s sport, with bright colors up above and spectacular aerials!

I know one lady who was PUMPED to show the boys how it’s done.

So hyped for her session
So hyped for her session











Kiting is eye candy, that’s for sure…

It's a beautiful day!
It’s a beautiful day!

…but in the last session, riders got to show off their windsurfing skills. Sharp turns and fast speed, front flips and back flips, it was such a treat.










What’s most amazing to me is that these world-class athletes were on their feet all day, and competed not once but 4 times, in 4 different events, without any signs of letting up, but some did enjoy a cat nap in the hammocks and bean bags.


Spectators were not only entertained by the events on the water, but also by activities on the beach, where spectators and participants alike had an “indie board” show down to the tune of house beats.

Rafael showing off his balancing moves
Rafael showing off his balancing moves
getting down with the music works for any age
getting down with the music works for any age


Congratulations to all contestants who will  be advancing to the the next level of the “overall” competition.

Congrats to those who advanced!!
Congrats to those who advanced!!

I myself took an accidental snooze in the sun which resulted in a full-frontal sunburn, so please, learn from my mistakes and don’t forget your sunscreen in the upcoming days (or ever, really)

Day two of masters:

This morning started off a bit overcast and my skin was very thankful, but now the sun’s out in full force again, and we’re having another adrenaline filled day!

So far we’ve had a few surf heats in the team events, and winds sports are ongoing as we speak.

I can definitely think of worst ways to spend my day rather than surrounded by beautiful people supporting their local talent, and international water sports.

beautiful people everywhere
beautiful people everywhere

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