Amazing Local Talent Spotlight: Bahoruco Surf

This week we interrupt our regular programming (our weekly Culture Shock Series) to bring you a very special surf video from the boys down in the south west of the Dominican Republic.

We spent about a week in Bahoruco at the beginning of the last leg of our Dominincan trip. We were welcomed with open arms and got to share the waves with the locals at one of the most special surf breaks we’ve experienced so far.

The Surfers

Bahoruco is in the isolated south west. It isn’t easy to get surf equipment down there. There are a couple of nice boards floating around, but mostly the kids make do with what they have. Wax is prized like gold. 

It takes passion and dedication, but in they end they surf like beasts.

Bahoruco Surf

We shot a bunch of footage while we were down there, even got the locals to shoot some of their own with our new GoPro.

Then we asked these same surfers to give us their favorite song, and we put together a video for them.

The first half of the surf footage is all Edwin “Picho” Feliz who recently scored silver in the “Open Surf” division of the  Larimar Surfing Championship 2014 that went down just last week.CaribWindLogoTransparency

The rest of the Bahoruco crew is represented in the second half of the video.

Special Thanks to Carib Wind cabarete. The GoPro shots would not have been possible without them.


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