The Odd Job: Board Shaping

In today’s “The Odd Job” we chat up Chris Worgan while he does his thing: Shapes sick boards in his Vancouver shop.

While we were visiting New York, our friend Zanny told us to check out the shaping shop called Swtichblade while we were in her native Vancouver.
So we did, hoping to maybe get ourselves a fresh board.
Unfortunately for us, but very fortunately for them, the folks at Swtichblade had orders that took them well into the new year.

We dropped our hopes of a fresh, handmade by hand, board (a luxury really, we’ll do just fine with a used board) but instead decided to spend the day hanging with the crew to see what this whole shaping thing’s all about.

Chris acquiesced to our request and allowed us into the shop for an afternoon of shaping and endless questions from our kook selves.

While Chris went at it on a blank that would eventually turn into this beauty ( a Steamworks-for-Swtichblade beer-for-board bargain) we quizzed him on topics such as coldwater surfing, how Swtichblade got started, the difference between longboarding and shortboarding, and how you get on your feet again after a shitty surf sesh.

So check out the video below for an inside scoop of the life of a board shaper in Vancouver.

(if you’re on mobile, click this link for the video)

Board Shaping Vancouver:

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