Wallpaper Wednesday – May 7th – Strikes Dominican Style

FIRE FIRE!!! Last week we decided to take a mini road trip to the hills of Maimon for a family visit. It just so happens that Jade’s mom, brother and husband (me), have the same birthday! So we headed to Luperon for some lunch. We stuffed our faces, at least I did, made great conversation, and out of nowhere we hear bottles being shattered on the street. We turn around to see that a strike is about to start, Dominican style.

The town hasn’t had running water for 3 months. How to solve this problem like a Dominican? That’s simple really, stack a  few tires in the middle of the road and light it up! Once the fire gets going start throwing some empty beer bottles at it and proceed to talk about how you’re getting screwed over by your government. Luckily for this strike group there was a billiards right on the corner providing multitudes of empty bottles.

Immediately after seeing this I knew I had to get in the action with my camera. After they finished throwing bottles I did my photographer thing. For the shot above I was actually laying on the floor in front of the fire and off to the distance I hear “Ese muchacho sabe de foto” which translates to “that kid knows how to take pictures”. I laughed and proceeded to try to get my shot.

Dominican strikes don’t usually get violent, that being said, there have been times where people come out with guns and start shooting into the sky. Drunk people with high emotional levels, and guns, don’t mix very well. This time around everyone was just having a good time, laughing it up and watching the fire engulf the tires in the middle of the road.

You’ll notice the fire hydrant in the background, useless of course, due to the lack of running water.

Enjoy your free Strikes Dominican Style wallpaper and if you have any requests for a certain style or color theme for next week’s Photo of the Week feel free to let us know in the comments!


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Shot With:

Body: Canon 7D
Lens: EF 50mm f/1.4 usm
Focal Length: 50mm
Settings: f/1.4 at 1/8000
ISO: 100

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