A Starry Night Time Lapse – Maimon, DR

One of my favorite parts of the Dominican Republic is the night sky. You don’t need to go too far away to get a beautiful view, unless you live in the city. If you do venture off to the mountains though, the view is spectacular. From the hills of Maimon in the Dominican Republic you get a great view. You can even see the city lights of Puerto Plata which give the clouds a very cool glow.

We’ve been to these hills many many times and just recently tried to capture the beauty that can be seen from up there. We set the camera up for a time lapse and went to bed. Within the first couple of shots we took we could tell that there was a storm approaching so I kept that in the back of my mind as I dozed to sleep.

We had set the timer for about an hour, Jade heard it but I didn’t. What I heard was a torrential downpour which awoke me from my slumber. I immediately launched out of bed and ran for the camera. Faintly, I could hear Jade trying to grab my attention because she had already grabbed the camera, right before the rain started. Relieved and pumped with adrenaline, I took a breather and went back to sleep.

The next day I put the pictures together to see what we had gotten and was extremely happy with the results. Check out our starry night time lapse video below and let me know what you think.

Have you taken any time lapses?
Care to share?


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