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Stuck in the Mud

On our way back from Haiti to Cabarete, we decided to go through the Dominican Alps and go check out some of the gorgeous waterfalls up there.

Alas, for the first time on this trip, our car, Izzy, got stuck.

In the mud.

Wa wa waaaaaaaaa


It had just rained quite a lot, and although she had done great off-roading most of the island, some slippery mud landed us in the ditch, where the grass, mud, and water combination drowned her back right tire.

So we went to work trying to rescue her from her slippery trap.

Gabriel’s method might seem unorthodox, but at least his clothes stayed dry ;)

Thanks to five lovely men who took time out of their day to help push, despite the fact that they were on their way home from a long laborious day, we made it out.

Alas, the road-block had put us way behind in our schedule, so we passed the Aguas Blancas waterfall to spend the night in Constanza.

Determined, we tried again the following day.

This time we left Izzy in the parking lot and hopped on the back of a couple Motochonchos who took us all the way back to the falls, a 45 minute ride.

Aguas Blancas-1-2

That’s us leaving town. And this is some of the gorgeous landscape along the way on the unpaved road:

Aguas Blancas-2-2

Riding on the back of a motorcycle through the Dominican landscape should be immediately added to your bucket list.


Plus, although most tour companies charge close to 2000 pesos (about $50USD) to get to the falls, our moto rides costs us 800 pesos ($20 USD) round trip, for the both of us. =D

Aguas Blancas

On the way we could spot the falls in the distance.

Aguas Blancas-5

And finally we got to the falls, totally worth all the effort!!

Here’s a long exposure Gaby managed to get while I was busy trying to climb to the top:

Aguas Blancas-2

The current is very strong and the water very cold. We don’t recommend swimming in these falls, but the landscape in and around them is stunning and absolutely worth going to see. An unusual tropical destination.

Aguas Blancas-3



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