An Evening on the Beach – Cabarete, DR

After all of the commotion from Semana Santa and the wedding, we decided to take a break and spend the afternoon having some fun on a secluded beach.

The main beaches in town were jam packed with people so we took a little ten minute drive to find a place with significantly less people. The most enjoyable time to be on the beach is during the early morning or evenings. There are less people, the sun isn’t as harsh and the light is simply beautiful.

We started off by taking a quick dip in the ocean and proceeded to have a sand castle building competition, all in good fun of course =D.

Chris Trip Temp-8
My brother working on his sand castle.
Chris Trip Temp-5
Our friend Neal and Jade working together.
Chris Trip Temp-4
My brother from another mother being sneaky sneaky.

As the sun started to set over the horizon I saw a great opportunity for a photo essay, shadows creating interesting silhouettes. I had everyone get creative and run, jump, and play, as well as come together for some really cool ideas. Here are the results:

Chris Trip Temp-15
The group comes together to portray a Hindu Goddess
Chris Trip Temp-11
All you need is LOVE!
My brother jumping over Chris.
My brother jumping over Chris.
Chris Trip Temp-13
Neal spreading wide.
Chris Trip Temp-9
Chris doing a ninja kick.

To finish off the shenanigans we took another quick dip to refresh ourselves before going home to grub on some delicious food!

Chris Trip Temp-10
Jade takes one last refreshing dip in the ocean.

There are countless things that you can do on the beach. From building sand castles to simply laying out on the sand and reading a good book. What are some of your favorite beach activities?


  1. very very beautifuul!!!hermoso maravilloso esplendoroso..que disfruten..and all you need is LOVE..thanks for remimder..

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