New Year, New Adventures!

2013 Review

Well folks, we’re not going to lie, 2013 was a pretty special year for us. Now it’s time to wipe that slate clean and start afresh with new adventures!

We’ll let the video above speak for itself and look forward to a year in travel!

2014 Preview

As for the coming year…

Be prepared to see some more changes on the blog as we keep evolving (feel free to drop us comments)

Be prepared for some tear-jerkin’ images from our upcoming wedding, and a companion blog we’re working on right now.

Be prepared, most of all, for epic travel adventures. We’ve got an idea as to where we’re starting, but it’s still a secret! Shhhhhhhhh..

We’ll give you a hint though, once we leave the DR, it might be a while before you see palm tree pictures again!

Our Resolution:

This year our resolution is to remember to smile especially when we really don’t feel like it. We’ll probably need a lot of that with delayed flights, over-packed buses, torturous treks, and all the other patience-testing moments that inevitably come with travel.

What about yours?

Drop us a comment, what’s your challenge to yourself this coming year?

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  1. “One day baby and you r old you have a lot of stories to told ”
    Jade Gaby what Marabillosohermodoesplendoroso work of art video music words etc etc Congrats and yes “we give love we received love”
    Papy y Suegro

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