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Millions of people fly on a daily basis. If you started traveling 20 years ago, getting through the checkpoints was really no big deal. There weren’t that many people, security wasn’t as strict and there where half as many checkpoints.

BUT that has all changed. Now you go to an airport and there are 10 checkpoints, 10,000 people and you wait, and wait, and wait. Usually this isn’t a problem, you’re excited for your trip and the wait is just part of the process. Sometimes though you have 45 minutes to get to your connecting flight and if you do your normal routine you’re going to miss the plane. So how do you prevent this? Below I made a list with 5 tips to fly through airport security if your about to miss your flight.

Don’t be Shy:

Probably the most important tip that I can give you is to not be shy. You gotta do what you gotta do to not miss your flight. If that means asking to cut in line or to run through the airport then do it! One of the easiest ways to save time is simply to go to the front of the line and ask the second person in line if you could get in front of them for fear of missing your flight. Holding your ticket in your hand helps as it shows you’re willing to show them your ticket. This has always worked for me. Once I overheard a comment of someone who also was about to miss his flight that I should just wait, for these cases don’t pay any mind, you need to do what you need to do remember!

When you’re going through immigration this technique works very well as the security is not associated with airlines, don’t care about flight times, and will will tell you that it’s not their problem and to figure it out yourself.

Ask Nicely:

Be genuine when you ask. If they say yes, say thanks and even strike up some conversation. This person, after all, is helping you not miss your flight. The least you could do it strike up some conversation.

Chose your line wisely:

There are usually multiple lines anywhere you go. Don’t just hop into the first line you can and wait. Observe the lines. See who has laptops or a lot of luggage. See if people have already taken there shoes off and their electronics out of their bags in any of the lanes. Do a little looking around and you can save a chunk of time here.

Be Prepared When Going Through Security:

Don’t wait until the last second to do what the signs all over the place tell you. Take off your shoes, remove any metal objects, have your passport and ticket handy, simply put…BE READY!

Run if you Need To:

I see a lot of people doing power walks through the airport because they’re in a hurry. Although that helps, running is about 10 times faster. Are you embarrassed to be seen running through an airport full of people you don’t know? Well miss your flight. Every second counts when you are going through the airport. From the second you unload your bags from the car to the sometimes long walks from terminal to terminal. Get your mind right and RUN. Run like if you miss this flight you loose 1,000 USD, because what you’re missing is priceless and that’s a full day of travel time.

I hope these airport tips will help you never miss another flight again! Now I end this post with an epic picture compilation of airplanes taking off of the strip.

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  1. You are much faster if you check in all your luggage. Whenever I can, I check in everything, except for one or two books to read on board.

    Also, once you have checked in luggage, the plane will wait for you longer because not taking you on board means that the airline has to unload your luggage.
    Andreas Moser recently posted…Ambulance on SarkMy Profile

  2. I’d suggest a NEXUS card if you are Canadian or American, though they’re mostly useful for travel to and from the USA. Basically its a pass to skip to the front of the line for both security gate and immigration.

    I’ve also managed to use it for internal flights on occasion for the security gates only.

    This little card has saved me dozens of hours of waiting in lines and hassle.

    Oh, and get behind business people, they know the drill, they already threw everything metal in their laptop bag, and their shoes in the bin.
    Anywhereing recently posted…Mom, Meet NicaraguaMy Profile

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