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Over Yonder Yoga Wonder

The Travel Yoga Challenge

We’ll be taking off on our Round The World (RTW) very shortly, and in anticipation of the hours and hours we’re going to be spending in cramped transportation of all sorts, we thought it was about time to get back into a steady yoga routine.

Back when we wanted to get up early again we challenged ourselves to 30 days of sunrise pictures. That worked great for us, so we decided to challenge ourselves to 30 days of yoga.

We’re no experts on the subject, so we called in some reinforcements.

Expert Advice

See she's much better at that pose than I am. I don't even know the name of that pose.
See she’s much better at that pose than I am. I don’t even know the name of that pose.

Our friend Chloe Porter from Love Yoga Bum came to the rescue.

She’s studied the art of yoga in India and Nepal, making her an expert traveler too!

She’s devised a 3o-day Yoga challenge just for us, and for you too, of course.

She’s going to ease us in, so it’s good for aspiring yogis of all backgrounds.

Wether you had a practice that you let slip, or are new to yoga, this is your chance to get [back] into it.

Good for the armchair travelers too.

You don’t need to have the excuse of forced-contortion-while-traveling to follow along. The practice of yoga is helpful in everyone’s lives.

Set yourself in motion.

For us it’s a way to get the gears churning, start the inertia that will take us from a stage of relative stagnation to a higher frequency.

Be one with nature.

Because this is about travel yoga, and many of you are traveling, we’re asking our fans and followers [that’s you!] to take a picture of yourself attempting these poses while outdoors, communing with some exotic nature the rest of us have yet to discover. If that means your own backyard, we like that too ;)

Join in

You can join in any way you wish.

Watch from the sidelines if you wish and learn new moves you practice at home by yourself.

However of course we’d rather you joined us socially to make it more fun and so you’re committed!

Find us, as well as Chloe, on Instagram to get the daily moves, then take a picture of yourself doing the pose, upload it to your own instagram, and tag it #lybnaturelove. It’s that simple.

At the end of the day we’ll share our faves and keep us all motivated. =)


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