Culture Shock Series – Dominican Women

Culture Shock Series is a series of genuine, often amusing, short videos exploring the culture of the country we’re currently visiting, from the mouth of the people who experience it daily.

The Ladies

This week is all about the ladies. What makes Dominican women special?

I mean sure, you can just get Pitbull’s point of view… but there are other facets to Dominican gals.

This is how Dominican Ladies


*Please note that not all views expressed in these videos are shared by us, the writers of WTaB. Rather they are intended as a peek into the actual culture and multitudes of views expressed by locals and expats alike. We tried to get as broad a spectrum of answers as possible, and included any and all answers (at least those that weren’t mumbled) We hope these videos will be amuzing to our viewers, but also a reflection of the culture for those who create it*

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