Fire Dancing, Flying Trapeze and Silks – Kaiceitos Circus

Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic, is known mostly for its water sports: kite boarding, windsurfing, and surfing . But among its little known sporty alternatives–such as mountain biking, hiking, horse back riding, cliff jumping, and yoga–you might be surprise to also find circus training! Or as we like to call it, Ninja Training.

The local circus in town goes by the name of Kaiceitos Circus and it offers classes and shows in everything from fire dancing, to  flying trapeze, and silks, all of which require very good hand eye coordination, hence the Ninja Training title. They offer classes to all ages and whenever I walk by the place I see people with a huge smile on their face.

trapeze, happy, kid, show, circus

ninja, flip, trapeze, circus, show

Every now and then Kaiceitos Circus offers a free public show where its students and instructors perform . We attended a recent show where a little bit of everything the circus does was displayed, and we loved it. Jade even took up the silks and I’ve been very tempted to try my skills with some fire dancing.

If you’re looking to see the circus side of things I would definitely recommend trying any of the classes they offer. Or if you’re not into trying it yourself make sure to attend one of their shows. In the meantime, enjoy some long exposure shots of the fire dancing below =).


fire, dancing, dominican republic, exotice, long exposure

fire, dancing, dance, long exposure

kid, fire, dancing, fire dancing, show, circus

How to find Kaiceitos Circus:

On the main road of Cabarete there is a hotel called eXtreme Hotel. The circus is located on the hotel grounds so all you have to do is walk in and you will see the trapeze right away. You can also check out their Facebook page for more details.

We hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

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