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Just Keep Swimming – National Aquarium Review


We’ve made another trip to Santo Domingo to check on the progress of my Chilean passport. That only took a couple of hours so we needed some other things to do to keep us entertained. We ended up at the Santo Domingo Aquarium.

I had come here many many years ago but at the time, it was pretty run down. We decided to give it a second chance though and went back. This time around I was pretty impressed at how much it had changed, although I can’t compare it to most big aquariums I’ve seen in the states.

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They have a nice variety of fish to look at, as well as some iguanas and turtles. Most of which are very used to being around humans so they don’t really move too much if you get close. The place overlooks the ocean and since we went on a beautiful sunny day, the entire ocean was a beautiful rich blue. The aquarium itself is very open and even has a glass tunnel with some sharks and manta rays. Some of the displays could use a little more light but I guess they are set up the way they are to meet the needs of the fish.

All in all the National Aquarium is a fun place to spend some time and it’s only $3.00 USD for foreigners. The view is amazing and they have a play area for children. Food and beverages are also available for purchase.


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Very Cool Lion Fish
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