• red, flower, green, nature, plants

    Curcuma spp. (Ginger)

  • red, beautiful, flower, bulb, pedals
  • purple, orchid, white, flower, nature

    Phalaenopsis spp. (Moth Orchid)

  • yellow, orchid, purple, flowers, nature

    Dendrobium spp. (Orchid)

  • flower, small, orchid, white, yellow


  • flower, pink, orchid, nature, white, octopus


  • orange, orchids, smilie face, smile, face, nature, flowers


  • orchids, flowers, scream, purple, striped


  • spiral, sharp, pointy, flower, nature
  • white, bulb, flower, nature
  • white, flower, alien, purple, green

    Cleome hassleriana (Spider flower)

  • purple, flower, drops, water, wet
  • buds, purple, flower, nature, green, flowers

    Calotropis Procera

  • red, flowers, group, bouqet, black


  • leaf, details, flowers, white, nature, dominican republic


  • orchid, white, spots, face, smile, scream, funny, flower, nature


  • orchids, yellow, spots, flowers, nature

    Trimezia Martinicensis (Yellow Walking Iris)

  • yellow, white, flower, nature, pedals, green

    Pachystachys Lutea (Golden Shrimp Plant)

  • flower, sunrise, orange, flower, nature


  • orchids, purple, white, stripes, face, green

    Eichhornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth)

Flowers in the Dominican Republic

There are an incredible amount of flower species and variations in the world. In one city or country alone you can come across thousands of different species of flowers.

To some, flowers are just there. Sometimes they catch people’s attention, but other times they’re stepped on or simply not seen. There is some truly beautiful stuff being missed though and that is why I decided to compile some beautiful flower pictures from the Dominican Republic.

Now, all of these flowers may not be indigenous to the country but I don’t have a PHD in flowers so bear with me =). Every flower is unique though and sports something to set it apart from the rest, whether it’s a smilie face, like the one pictured above, or a unique pattern and shape.

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One species that I’ve become very fond of is Orchids. This is because of the designs that the flowers create. You can see faces or even full on figures like a bumble bee. Also, they are OLD! Some researchers date certain species to over 100 million years ago. That’s a long time for evolution to take its course and make Orchids look the way they do today. For more interesting facts on Orchids you can check out a post Live Science has done on the subject.

Flowers, like animals, all play the game of survival of the fittest.  They need to adapt and either work with their competition to succeed or completely surpass it.. Plants have found and developed many ways to do this. If filmed correctly the world of plants is eerily similar to ours. You can check out what I’m talking about in a 70’s documentary called The Secret Life of Plants.

This photo essay is similar to our Mushrooms of the World essay as it will be updated as new pictures of flowers in the DR are taken so make sure to check back every once in a while for more shots!

OK, enough writing, it’s picture time! =)



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