Mojito’s @ eXtreme. A Perfect Fit(ness)


At a Glance:

Price:    $$
(I might be biased… I love Mojito’s and I love eXtreme)

Price range:

$0-$3: $
$3-$12: $$
$12-$25: $$$
$25-$50: $$$$
$50-up: $$$$$

Last week we reviewed Mojito’s, which is a staple among expats in this town, but they opened up a new location on kite beach at the eXtreme Hotel this month, so we went to check that out, and were NOT disappointed.

As a side note, Gaby wasn’t with me, so these pictures were taken with my iPhone. I’m not the photographer in this relationship, so, yeah, just deal with it.


The Feel:

Just like the original Mojito’s, the atmosphere here is very cas’ and relaxed, but here your toes aren’t directly in the sand.
Of course, because of its location, there’s a special fitness undertone here.
The guests of the eXtreme hotel, as well as locals who frequent the premises, are very health and fitness oriented; there’s the yoga loft, the Rogue fitness gym, the circus school trapeze and skate board ramp, and of course, it’s located right on kite beach, so the conversations at the tables surrounding you will probably involve something related to today’s wind forecast, how many reps were successfully completed in today’s cross-fit class, who’s style of yoga is better suited to who’s personality, or why the papaya-watermelon juice is really good for you post-workout.

So we’re really happy that Mojito’s has joined the party.
Let’s not forget they are called Mojito’s and serve up their fair share of adult bevies… but for now the party stops at 7:30pm here. After that you’ll need to move on to Cabarete if you want to keep gettin’ your drink on.


The Food:

We’ve already reviewed Mojito’s food, and the menu is the same here, so we’re not going to go over it again, except for one giant difference, Mojito’s eXtreme does breakfast. Oh. Yeah!

Breakfast comes with fresh juice and a coffee!! There are multiple enticing options: delicious looking crepes, pancakes, omelets, eggs, etc…
The portions are good and they’re all super yum. (especially the ham and cheese omelet. yup, super tasty)

For the size of the servings and the fact that you get juice and coffee, it’s all really well priced too.

The Staff:

Well yeah, we did this already… Great staff. That’s it!

No but really, to be fair, service was a little slow but, they’re brand new and still ironing out the kinks. My prediction based on the original Mojito’s is that in a few weeks everything will settle down, the waitresses and kitchen will get in their flow and service will be regularly timed.

Anyway it’s worth the wait.

Sonia and Franco love–and are serious about–what they do. You’ll get service with a big warm smile here.

Also, if Sonia suggests a juice to you, listen to her. She knows what she’s talking about. Trust me!!


The Whole:

Come to eXtreme for your training, yoga, or kiting on and when you’ve pushed your body to exhaustion, replenish with Mojito’s vitamin rich food and beverages.
Did someone say perfect fit(ness)?


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