Empanadas El Suave – Early Mornin Munchies


At a Glance:

Price:    $

Price range:

$0-$3: $
$3-$12: $$
$12-$25: $$$
$25-$50: $$$$
$50-up: $$$$$

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The Feel:

Set up in an eight square foot area, this tiny street food booth could easily be overlooked.
It’s only open for a few hours every morning except sunday, from sunrise until nineish; so unless you lived in the Callejon and wake up early, it would be difficult for you to even know it was there.

But for those in the know, it’s a must in this town. Each morning, with the day break, worm seeking early birds swarm to this stand from as far as La Cienega just to fill their empanada fix.

La Parilla across the street takes advantage of the traffic and sets up a make-shift coffee stand in front of their restaurant for the early risers.

The Food:

You just can’t beat these empanadas.
Yeah I’m sure you’ve had them before from some other street stand somewhere and they were dripping in grease with a crunchy shell and poorly seasoned stuffings.
Not here! The dough is hand-rolled right in front of you for each new empanada and stuffed with your choice of filling before it hits the frier.

Maybe you’re feeling a simple ham and cheese this morning; how about a delicious concoction of tomato-marinated, juicy, pulled-chicken; or maybe fluffy eggs steamed to perfection in their little sealed pillow of goodness.

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The Staff:

it’s pretty straight up, there are two dudes, they make empanadas, and they do it well.
Empanadas are 15 pesos (35 cents) and that’s what you’re charged, even if you’re gringo.

You can take them to-go in a paper bag with napkins that quickly go clear, or you can hang out there, partake in that day’s chisme, and have a chat with the locals while eating on your bike.

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The Whole:

When you forgot to stock your fridge for breakfast & there’s epic swell you need to get to pronto, but you need to get something in your stomach quick before you hit the waves, this is your spot.

When you don’t have anything particular to do and could use some bird-on-a-wire time to catch up on the local word on the street, this is your spot.

If you stayed up all night till the sun tryin to get lucky at the bomba party, you need something to soak up that alcohol before you go to sleep, and you’re not afraid of being seen on your walk of shame, this is your spot.

If you just want to eat the best empanadas you’ve ever had, this is your spot.

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  1. You know, I’ve never had an empanada for breakfast. Obviously been missing out; sounds just as yummy as Nutella pancakes, and probably much healthier. I like these reviews.
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