river bed, cracked, mud, rocks, cracks

Random Travel Photo – Cracks

river bed, cracked, mud, rocks, cracks

Happy Monday! I know most people aren’t a fan of Mondays but I actually like them because they begin a fresh week full of new experiences and opportunities. For today we bring to you another random travel photo. This one was taken on our last trip to the Taino Farms which has a beautiful river running alongside it. After a few hours of work in the permaculture garden we headed off to take a refreshing dip in the river. I saw some great photo opportunities if I could only make it to the other side of the river so I tested the depths without my camera and realized I could make it. I turned around, grabbed my camera and started taking some pictures. This is one of my favorite from the collection of shots.


    1. Thanks Charlie!
      Plans are coming along nicely, should be leaving the DR early summer 2014.. but stay tuned for all kinds of Dominican travel in the meantime!!

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