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Instagram ♥s Mid November 2013



Here’s our third edition Instagram ♥s!,

As usual our fellow Instagramers made our selections very difficult this week.

Now it seems I’m a big fan of @mustafaseven… I promise I do these completely unbiased, I go through all my Instagram likes without ever looking at who the author is… so Mr. Seven, I like your style.. we should be friends :)

Remember each square represents a category.

In order from top left across rows:

Point of View
Creative Composition
Black and White
Double Take

Check out the runner ups at the bottom! We hope you enjoy this week’s pics, and if you want more, make sure to catch up on all our other curated instagallery!!!
Architechture – Triangles until infinity – by @jordanherschel
instagram, @kizmiii,
Double Take – Oh look, here’s a macro of some flies….. oh, wait. ;P – @kizmiii
instagram, @mchltckr ,
Black And White – The lighting in this photo is just incredible, ascension – by @mchltckr
instagram, @jordanherschel,
Nature – I fell in love with the sense of depth created by the slowly fading shadows – by @jordanherschel
instagram, @traversjacobs,
People – Movement and freedom – @traversjacobs
instagram, @gabriele_corno,
Color – Red Red Leaves – by @gabriele_corno
instagram, @daniel_egan,
Road – Peaceful and playful winding autumn road – by @daniel_egan
instagram, @vagfrag,
Composition – Cleverly framed by the window and the pole :) – by @vagfrag
instagram, @matadornetwork,
Point of View – I guess the picture is actually upside down? –by @matadornetwork


Runner up Shoutouts:


Pit stop. #heyiceland

A post shared by Nina HB (@smaracuja) on

Point of View:

We're back from our Sahara Desert and camel trek. Oh wow- so many stories. But first, a shower.

A post shared by Jade * Travel Photographer (@vagabond3) on

Creative Composition:


thanks new york.

A post shared by S A M H O R I N E (@samhorine) on

Überall blubberts… #heyiceland

A post shared by Nina HB (@smaracuja) on


A shiny droplet💧

A post shared by 💖Denise Farr💖 (@neciefarr) on


ยิ้ม เห็น fun~•

A post shared by ⍟MOMOPHOTOGRAPHY⍟ (@emotype) on


A post shared by Julie (@jmw7891) on

Black and White:

ซ่อนบังอำพรางเร้น ลวงหลอก~•

A post shared by ⍟MOMOPHOTOGRAPHY⍟ (@emotype) on

Double Take:

~ ทายซิ!!!!😌

A post shared by ฮ ว า ❤ (@nokveedss_hwa) on

#iseefaces #heyiceland

A post shared by Nina HB (@smaracuja) on

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