Moon, night, clouds, blue, navy, dark, sky, sea of clouds, dreamy, scary, warewolf

What If You Have a Gun to Your Head? Part VI

Moon, night, clouds, blue, navy, dark, sky, sea of clouds, dreamy, scary, warewolf

Due to its graphic content and foul language, this post has been rated “R”


If you’ve been following along you know how we got here, and we’re glad you’re back for more!
But if you’re new, why don’t you start with the begining.
Part 6 of a 6 part series. (see bottom)



Part 6- The Aftermath

Dominican cops are so sweet!

I’m pretty sure we haven’t been followed, but Gabriel’s a pretty recognizable guy with his giant, curly, sun-bleached hair, and anyway the guy has all his contacts…

What if he finds us?

Should we tell Maru? (Maru is Gaby’s aunt, we live with her)

Did we make sure to lock the door?

Do we have a knife?

A baseball bat?

Would the dogs bark?

Wtf just happened?

Finally I sleep. With great difficulty.

The next morning we wonder whether we should call the police or not. The guy seemed mostly preoccupied with being caught, so if we don’t show signs of wanting to catch him he’s not going to come looking for us right?

We immediately put out a warning to all of Gabriel’s facebook friends to NOT answer the phone if he calls as it’s no longer in his possession. We’re trying to think of all his contacts to warn them individually but, gosh, that’s what a phone directory’s for, so you DON’T have to remember all of your contacts.

We have a Cabarete Facebook group where I immediately warn everyone to stay off the lonely beaches at night, even just past sunset. I don’t want to give too much away right now.

Finally, at a loss, stuck between wanting to stay safe but trying to keep others safe and unsure what to do I call my mom… who else.

Mom says “Go see the cops”

Dad says “Go see the cops”

I believe them, I have to, they had their house broken into the first night they moved in and the cops found the culprits the next day, another story for another day.

So off we are to see the cops. Let’s not forget Gabriel has a photo shoot today, it’s his first real job as a photographer, paid and everything, with real models, it’s really exciting! So we’ve got to be somewhere in a few hours, no excuses… especially no “the dog ate my homework” sort of excuses like “We had an attempted sexual assault at gun point” sort of ordeal… who’s going to believe that?

So we go to the cops. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the national cops (Policia) and the tourism cops (Politur) are in the same building but are NOT the same thing. We tell our story to the Policia….

::enter “wrong” buzzer sound::

He says “you gotta wait for investigations, I dunno where they are, come wait outside with me”

We do, and we wait forever. Meanwhile he’s making small talk. We go through the whole story again while he’s slouching in his plastic chair.

“The problem with you tourists” he finally blurts out when Gaby’s done the story… let’s not forget Gabriel is DOMINICAN and I live here, but we’ll always be tourists to the locals anyway “is you guys are too trusting… you’re out gallivanting on lonely beaches like it’s no big deal! This is a DANGEROUS place”

No SHIT Sherlock… aint it YOUR job to make it a safer place? Instead of blaming the victims aren’t you supposed to get pissed your fellow citizens are busy making your country unsafe? Yeah, yeah, it’s true, 20-20 hindsight, we really shouldn’t be roaming lonely beaches in the dark, but it wasn’t even “the dark” it was “the dusk”

I bite my tongue. He spends the next hour blabbing about the nice lady that gave him his Yamaha R1 and how he doesn’t like working in Cabarete, he likes working Sosua better. The people in Cabarete are “Chusma,” the people of Sosua are more “worth it”

You’re reading between the lines right? Yeah, we did too… Anyway, by this point it’s getting late, we’ve got places to be, people to see, it’s work time, forget this police business, they’re obviously not interested.

This metal detector was a great idea!

The photo shoot goes wonderfully, and we tell our story a million times. Not gonna lie, we kind of feel like superheroes for a little bit. Gabriel’s boasting his scar and I’m all proud of how I held it together. I mean, the whole thing was like a scene straight out a movie.. it had everything, romance, nostalgia, hope, dreams, guns, sex, a psycho, moonlight, wrestling, a high speed motorcycle chase…. it was all so quick!

We need to get this guy though, firstly so he doesn’t do it to anyone else. We managed to get lucky and hold it together and even kind of get the upper hand for a bit, but what if it had happened to someone else. Secondly because he needs help. No really. Yeah, you, like everyone else, probably want to send him to jail.
I at least want to give him a hug first. The guy needs love. I just want to talk to him… why? what’s the deal? how did you get to this? are you really that desperate? is it that you can’t get yourself a lady? I want to understand. The only way you make a safe society is by not leaving anyone behind and forgotten, and where there’s one psycho there’s usually more, so if we let one slip through the cracks, where are the other ones.
Also, I kind of want to say thank you. Yeah it’d be different if I got raped, but I didn’t, because my boyfriend’s a superhero.

The fool (and I mean this as a term of endearment) jumped on a gun to protect my dignity. I made him promise to never risk his life for my vagina again, but I’m glad he acted the way he did anyway.

If there’s a larger test for love, or bonding experience, somewhere in the world do share. So thanks, not that we needed it, but this was definitely the nail in the coffin on my everlasting commitment to the man I share my bed with.

An act of terrorism transformed into love, I think that’s what they’re talking about when they speak of alchemy.

But really, if we’re back to talking about another couple, or even different circumstances of the same evening, where everything doesn’t turn out all peachy with just a scar on a shoulder to prove our heroism, and we’re talking instead about serious injuries, a rape, or a death…. That shit aint funny.

What to us ended up as a blessing in disguise could be someone’s permanent recurring nightmare. This man who really was sort of an angel for us, in a F-ed up roundabout way, can be someone’s monster, NOT cool.

The cops aren’t helping, so what can we do?

Enter Eric again…. seriously Eric! I’m so sorry man. Eric ordered a metal detector for Semana Santa, to profit from everyone’s drunken beach stupor and profit from lost change, jewelry, cell phones, or what not. Little did he know we were going to use it to be detectives for the day.

“We never found his battery, He shot a bullet, and Gaby lost the SD card he had so intelligently placed in his pocket thinking we were getting robbed… can your metal detector find that stuff?”

Only one way to find out right? So two days after the incident, Cops still useless, we head back to the scene of the crime, detector in hand.
First things first, the shell casing or the bullet, Let’s see I was standing right here… messing with my shorts, when he shows up and shoots from about right here….


Shell casing, right there, right where I’m standing, didn’t even need a metal detector for that one… NICE! into the plastic baggy it goes.

Next we walked over this way.. we got undressed about here, this is about where I picked up the phone pieces…


Right under my foot! Damn, we’re getting lucky, Gabriel, Jade, Eric, and the Metal Detector: 2, Elements: 0,

Battery goes in the little Baggy.

Now if we could only find Gabe’s SD card, at least he’d have the shots from the job he did that day!

We spend an hour looking for it, to no avail. We find a bunch of old bullets.. reassuring… some condoms… ironic… trash, computer parts buried in the sand.. It’s all very exciting but, sorry baby, seems like you’re going to have to go explain to Hooked Cabarete that you need to go back and shoot their rooms again! :(

It’s full on Semana Santa now. No point in even going to see the cops…. cops are nowhere to be found, or everywhere, better said, they’re busy trying to keep some kind of semblance of order to the chaos that is the Dominican-Republic-North-Shore-Semana-Santa celebrations. We try to go back and see the investigations department again but, they’re in Puerto Plata dealing with a “stolen purse” Yeah, whatever. We’ll come back at the end of the week.

Meanwhile Mom and Dad give me the phone number to the general that took care of their robbery.

Meanwhile some mafioso shit goes down in Encuentro, the new surf school house of waves just burns to the ground… no explanations…. well, some fishy explanations

Meanwhile I’m thinking I see the dude everywhere. First of all, he was driving the same model motorcycle as all the motoconchos, and then it’s not like his body type is so uncommon… The dude who just sat down in the guagua in front of me looks a lot like him… what if it is him… do I do something?


One morning I’m surfing and a friend of mine who’s temporarily living in the area with his family, staying at Surf Break Lodge, a hostel in Encuentro is sharing with me his concerns over the safety of the area during Semana Santa… the fire, (he lost his own personal surf board he had been storing at House of Waves) the stuff that happened to that couple on the beach (wait, does news here really travel that fast? how does he know about what happened to us on the beach?)

“That was us” I say.

He looks at me confused like I clearly didn’t understand what he was saying to me.

“No this couple staying at Surf Break Lodge, she showed up at the hostel naked, I opened the door for her, her boyfriend showed up later, he had to get stitches to his eyebrow……”

::record scratch::

He kept going but I’d stopped listening. This mother fucker did it again?!? This time someone got hurt! This is my fault, we should have done more faster. No this is his fault, I thought he would have learned his lesson the first time.

To think, I actually felt bad for him for a bit, we got to go around talk to everyone about our adventures, how we almost died but made it, but he had to go home, tail between his legs, also after having had a near death experience and shut his mouth, it must have been difficult.

FUCK THAT, you go and do it again… “Coño, ya te pasaste!”

This time it’s business… I go home and I get Gaby to immediately call the general my parents gave me the number to. Semana Santa’s mostly over by now, it’s time the cops get on this, and besides, if it’s happened again it’s putting the tourists that are left in real danger.

Gabriel calls, the guy tells him to go to the police station immediately, to the Politur, not the Policia! Bring the evidence we’d collected ourselves and he’d make sure someone was there to listen. Now.

Well Gabe’s in the middle of soccer practice so I go alone, and sheepishly tell my story, evidence in hand, to 3 overbearing macho officers, they take me back to the scene, ask a few questions and tell me to come back with my “Esposo” when he’s done being busy. Not that they don’t take ladies seriously just that, you know… (it’s always more convincing from a guy. ugh. )

We go back later, we tell the story for the umpteenth time, they write it all down, they take our evidence.

Case closed.

Apparently fingerprints aren’t an option here, and no one’s complained about anything since so.. we guess the guy was just visiting for Semana Santa and went home……What can we do?

Fast forward to just a week ago, a fellow Cabarete resident drops me a line about having seen a story similar to mine on trip advisor. I think “Good Job DR, you’re so useless in dealing with your crime it’s affecting your tourism” and go fully expecting it to be the story of the Surf Break Lodge.

NOPE! This is a third couple, tourists, also in their mid twenties, also in the same area, assaulted by the same guy. I didn’t get the full story but I think they came out of it alright, and went home immediately. I found out about it because the lady’s mom posted something on trip advisor.

So now everyone’s about to get involved. Obviously the dude lives here or comes often, and this is real bad for tourism, so the tourism board is about to get involved. Also the Police has proved themselves useless, so we’re going to climb the ladder a bit. And lastly our local mafioso is quite fond of me, so we’ll see if he can be more effective than the police. We’ll keep you posted.

To Be Continued…


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  1. I’ve been following this crazy sag,a and while it’s entertaining, it’s just so sad that this happened to you and that it keeps happening to other people! It especially hits close to home because I stayed in Callejon de la Loma a few years ago for a short time, so I feel connected to the area. I hope they find this guy ASAP! Why the hell doesn’t he just watch porn or go to a strip club and pay a prostitute or something (not that I condone prostitution)?! But really?!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted…Shakespeare in a Japanese GardenMy Profile

    1. Thanks for following Dana!

      We all have issues, some people’s issues are more intrusive on other people’s lives! I assume if porn did it for him he’d stick to that, it would sure be easier. Who knows what’s going on in his head.

      I’m not sad that it happened to us, but I am sad it happened to others. We hope we can get him off the streets, but it’s been a while now and I know how the police works here. We’ll see.

      How did you like your time in Cabarete?

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