Moon, night, clouds, blue, navy, dark, sky, sea of clouds, dreamy, scary, warewolf

What If You Have a Gun to Your Head? Part IV

Moon, night, clouds, blue, navy, dark, sky, sea of clouds, dreamy, scary, warewolf


Due to its graphic content and foul language, this post has been rated “R”

If you’ve been following along you know how we got here, and we’re glad you’re back for more!
But if you’re new, why don’t you start with the begining.
Part 4 of a 6 part series. (see bottom)



Part 4- I’m not a thief!

Now it’s loaded!

We’re back to where we started. Twice now he’s snuck up to us beach side while we’re packing up to go home. Leave us alone damn it.

“Yeah, right, like I’m going to believe you” says Gabby, throwing his camera in his bag while I pick up the towel.

BAM!  Fire. Ow, that was bright.

Wow… It’s so dark out now. Fuck… dude just shot his gun in the sand… aw man..yeah ok, it’s loaded… here we go again.

“Give me my phone.”

“uh?” Gaby and I look at each other, and I look down at the phone I’m holding, It’s NOT Gaby’s

“Here” I hand him the pieces

“That’s not my phone! Give me my phone”

“Yeah it is, [Gabe’s] got his phone, I don’t have a phone, this is your phone”

“No it’s….”            “Oh, yes, this is my phone, where’s my battery?”

“I don’t know, I picked this up out of the sand thinking it was [Gaby’s] Your battery’s probably in the sand over there”

“Help me find my battery”

Well, he’s still got a gun, and this time it’s loaded for sure, so here we go again, walking back to where we just were, away from the motorcycle again.

I realize while walking why my shorts won’t button, I slipped them on inside out. Easy mistake in the dark.

So I take them off to put them on right side out. He’s already seen me naked, who gives a shit.

I don’t want anymore problems!

I might not think anything of this, but he’s freaking. “What are you doing, I don’t want anymore trouble” he says while giving me big double handed no gestures with his arms. Arms that are still holding a loaded gun.

Chill out buddy, my shorts are inside out”

We all look for the battery but, I’ll remind you again, It’s dark, we’re in sand.

“Dude, we’re not going to find your battery, take [Gaby’s] battery, maybe it works, or take some cash, buy yourself a new one.”

“I’m not a thief” he reminds us, right, just a pervert with a gun, I’m glad that one is above your moral threshold.

But he grabs Gabe’s phone anyway to use the flashlight function and proceeds to look for his precious battery in the sand while Gaby and I stare at each other confused, raised shoulders. The hell do we do to get out of this one?

We try to convince him it can be ANYWHERE in the 3 yard radius we’d been wresting in, including under the leaves of the crawling plants but,

this bitch is really intent on finding his battery… Daaaamn.

Then out of nowhere he says, “I have an idea, Don’t move, I’ll be right back” and runs off back towards the Cabarete direction.

I’m confuzzled but Gaby wastes no time and says, back to the bike, let’s go, now.


Baby, he still has a loaded gun!

“But Baby, He still has a loaded gun. I’m not sure how I feel about this.” I protest while running after him toward the bike.

“Get on” he says without wasting his breath arguing with me as he throws his right leg over the motorcycle and goes to kickstart it in one fowl swoop.

Oh nOOOooooOOOOoooo, please start the first time Bike, Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase. Now is not the time for your moody temperament.

Success. I’ll never dis you again trusty little motorcycle.

Within a split second we’re off the dune and on the dirt road, not that the latter is better for driving on than the former, it’s an uneven dirt road with potholes, and Gabriel hasn’t turned on the headlights, I’m guessing not to give away his location too easily, so, yeah,

shit road…high speed… pitch dark… we’re good, right?

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    1. Glad we’ve managed to make it something entertaining for all!! I can’t wait to read your post about Mr. Potato.. that headline’s got me on the edge of my seat!!!!

  1. Oh man, I feel short-changed this week. Broke the story up a little too much!

    Sounds like Gabe kept a level head and you guys got out okay. Hope this guy gets caught if he hasn’t been already

    1. Haha sorrryyy, a good tip for our next series though =).

      Yea it felt like everything happened so fast, like I was acting on pure instinct. Jade did a great job at staying close to me though and keeping calm. We did get out ok though, but the stories not over yet =X.

    2. thanks for the feedback Chris,
      Rereading it, I feel ya…. Still getting the hang of this writing thing you know.
      The way I wrote this was that I broke it up into its chapters and elaborated, but I wrote it all at the same time, next time, when I proof read I’ll pay more attention to each “chapter” being able to stand alone.

      I clearly didn’t elaborate enough here on the strangeness of him just wanting his battery now that he’s reloaded his gun…

      Also, thanks for reading!!!!!

    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the story!! It’s almost over!! We are completely O.K. and the situation was difficult, but could have been a lot worst! Until next week!!!

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