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On one side of our yard we have a HUGE almond tree. During the right season you can clean up all of the almonds on the ground and in a few hours there will be just as many. The local kids know when it’s time and every year they come in groups to pick up almonds off of the ground. If you’ve never seen the outer shell of an almond I took a picture just for you =).

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Different groups of kids come every year and each will leave with bags full of almonds. I’m not sure why, but out of all the times I let them in I never asked what they where going to do with them. I know you can break them open and there is a fresh almond in there but you can make countless treats with almonds. This time around I decided to ask. They told me that they where actually making candy out of it, out of curiosity I asked them to bring me some when they where done.

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A couple of hours later a little girl asks to come in while holding a pile of almonds on top of a banana leaf, drenched in deliciousness. I say my thanks and dig in, also walking around the house to offer some to anyone I can find.

The recipe for this delicious treat is simple:

All you have to do is grab some almonds, throw some natural honey over top and add some cinnamon. Mix it all up and you have a gooey almondy goodness. You could probably throw it all in the oven as well =).


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A few kids picking up the almonds

 almond, fruit, dry, almonds, pile

One of the many piles made that day

 shirts, almonds, pick up, nuts

No bag, no worries, use your shirt

almond tree, tree, nature, big, tall

The giant almond tree


  1. These are not regular Almonds. These are very difficult to break open,. they are very small but very tasty :)

  2. We have the same tree here, of course. I remember picking them and breaking them with stones when I was younger. I’ve seen someone make almond “drops” basically sugar, spices and almonds. The sugar is boiled into liquid then the spices and almonds are added. Then using a spoon, drop it on to a banana leaf (or plate) and wait for them to cool. Yummy!
    I’d love to invite you to join my FoodieTuesday blog carnival. You can find this week’s here http://wp.me/p3DY1e-3i1. It’s up until Monday. Hope you can link up!
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        1. Hey Marcia, thanks for letting us link up =). More deliciousness will be posted, we have a couple of recipes we want to put up but haven’t gotten around to it yet, but we will soon!

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