Um… We’re honored!! Thank you!


This super cool chick from the blog Travel It Girl nominated us for a Liebster award and we’re really psyched.

OK, to be honest, she nominated us a while ago, and it took us a while to get to the paying-it-forward part but hey… we were ridiculously busy with wedding planning and invites.. (Oh yeah, we’re excited about that too!!)

So.. What’s a Liebster award?

Well I’m still not completely sure. There’s a bit of information on Lorraine Marie Guly’s Blog but from what we gather, it’s pretty much a way to stumble upon new and awesome blogs… so, yeah, we’re totally honored at the mention.

It’s given to bloggers by bloggers, and we now have to nominate some blogs we love that people haven’t really discovered yet. Give the up-and-coming underdogs some luuuuuuuv.

German origin

  1. valued, kindest, sweetheart, dearest, beloved, darling

So many thanks to Travel It Girl for the nomination!

Answer questions (in this case 10) from the nominator and nominate other blogs you admire and want others to discover.

Here are my answers to Travel It Girl’s questions…

(I decided to answer for myself, if we get nominated again we’ll have Gabriel answer)

1. How many stamps are on your passport?

Which passport?! I have more than one.

2. Which stamp represents your favorite destination and why?

Not a stamp, per-se, but a visa stamp. The Mali visa I got when I was supposed to go to a music festival in Timbuktu, but then never made it. I love it because it’s so old school, and because I never got to go, after going through so many loopholes to get the visa quick.  :)

3. What is the most unexpected state in the U.S. you’ve traveled to and surprisingly loved?

Well I’ve been to all but 6 US states, I’m only missing Hawaii, Alaska, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Oregon. All the ones I have gone to were pretty unexpected. My favorite is Wyoming because of Yellowstone… but every state I’ve ever been to, especially east of the Mid-West, has completely blown my mind, each in its own way.

4. What is something your friends or readers would be surprised to know about you?

My ring fingers are double jointed. Ok that’s boring….. how about, my spirit animal is a Blue Whale… that’s too new-age hippy…. I once… no that’s too personal. I duno… ask me.

5. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Letting myself fall in love completely. I’m still falling. I don’t know if I’ll ever land. Committing to being someone’s life partner and promising to excel at it everyday is a terrifyingly beautiful adventure.

6. If you could go skydiving – OR – scuba diving… which would you pick?

Done both, I’d do them both again. If I absolutely HAD to pick one I’d go with diving, it’s actually much scarier (when you get into the dark waters,) longer, and cheaper.

7. Do you plan out your trip outfits & accessories or just pack what fits and figure it out when you get there?

Somewhere in the middle, it depends on how excited I am. The more excited I am, the more I plan, mostly because I can’t take my mind off the trip! Generally I’m not much of a planner.

8. What’s the best travel secret/tip you’ve learned along the way?

I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you!
But my second best is not a secret but what I find to be the most important thing: pay attention to your surroundings, completely. Immerse yourself for your safety and pure enjoyment.

9. What artists/albums have you discovered while traveling?

Asaf Avadian. Swoon.

10. Where’s one place you’ve always wanted to go and what’s stopping you?

The most remote and inaccessible jungle tribal territory, but a)they’d kill me and b)we should leave them alone.
The edge of space, but RedBull doesn’t know I exist yet.
Ok, is Iceland more realistic?!?


And now for my nominations… drumroll…

Yacht Mollymawk

The Life Nomadik

Hung on the World 

Born to Travel (Italian, no we don’t get it, but we follow their Facebook page and like what we see there)

Traveling Ted (he’s already known, but we love him:) He’s definitely our Liebster. Yeah, I broke the rules, so sue me!)

And now for my questions

1.  Has travel ever made you cry?

2.  If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

3.  If money weren’t an object, and you could only ever have one more adventure, what epicness would you pick?

4. What’s your traveler pet peeve?

5. Do you have any role models? Who?

6. City hustle or remote landscapes?

7.  What are you more likely to do, visit a famously “haunted” landmark, or cross a rickety rope bridge across a giant canyon?

8. Dirty hostel or overpriced luxury room?

9. What’s the worst habit you have that you can’t seem to shake.

10. When did the travel bug bite cha?


Post and answer on your blog ~ when you’re ready, hit me up on Twitter and Facebook with the link and I’ll share it! I look forward to reading your responses!


  1. Congrats on your award! Exciting, isn’t it? I still remember the first time I received it – I was ecstatic! The only think I don’t like now is when someone misspells my name. I know it’s a weird one, but I’d appreciate it if you’d correct it from Guly to Reguly in the link. Thank you!
    Lorraine Reguly recently posted…Enter Our Holiday Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Oh, so sorry Lorraine!! I misread it, it seems!! Fixed. While we’ve got you, do you know more about who started this?!? I had a real hard time finding an original source.

      1. I honestly have no idea, but other awards have cropped up over the years, too. Feel free to start your own if you want, but beware, many people won’t accept them due to time constraints and/or being “snotty” – LOL

        I personally think these awards are great for building relationships and backlinks and growing your blog/website. I’ve accepted many for my blog but can relate to the snobby people, too, since they kind of get “old” after a while. When you’ve done about a dozen of these, you’ll feel the same way, too! However, by then you won’t be a newbie anymore! These were designed for new bloggers, remember. ;)

        I’ve made a few tutorial videos for new bloggers, too. I understand how daunting it is to remember and learn everything as a newbie. I was one not too long ago and will be celebrating my first blog-o-versary next month!

        Seasons greetings!
        Lorraine Reguly recently posted…Enter Our Holiday Giveaway!My Profile

  2. Sorry to have taken so long to read this. Just got back from Asia and have been sick with the flu ever since. Thank you so much for the nomination.

    I already know the answer to question #1 “Has travel ever made you cry.” Answer – Yes, the day that saw Wetravelandblog said they love me. So sweet. Feeling is mutual. I will post my responses when I feel a bit better :)
    Traveling Ted recently posted…The Strait of Malacca Sunset – Penang, MalaysiaMy Profile

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